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In any business, data is a key asset. To manage your data and use it to its full potential, it needs to be accessible by your staff, but it is also essential that it is protected by an appropriate level of security and backed up onto external media regularly.

We have developed a robust server solution, providing all this and more, which is ideal for use in small businesses. The server runs on a version of Linux, which means it is less susceptible to viruses. It is very reliable, does not require the latest expensive hardware to run on, and provides speedy file storage, internal and external email, access to company shared data and security services.

It is already used at some of our major clients with great success; we also use one in our office!

Depending on your requirements, a server for an average small business could cost as little as £400.

However, if you prefer a Microsoft server solution, we are able to provide this too, and have experience in supporting Microsoft server environments.

Icon Digital Services Ltd - Server Solutions
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